Kentucky DUI & DWI Defense

Are you facing a DUI conviction in Kentucky? Whatever happened to result in your charge for driving under the influence, a Kentucky DUI Lawyer from Taliaferro Law Firm can help.

Because driving under the influence of alcohol can result in serious injury, a DUI in Kentucky can result in community service, jail time, or an ignition interlock system even on a first offense.

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Good People in Aggravating Circumstances

Here at Taliaferro Law, we believe that even the best people land themselves in aggravating circumstances. If this is your first DUI offense we have the expertise you need.

Our lawyers work with compassion and understanding as the foundation to helping build your case. Tell us your story so that a skilled attorney on our team can build a strong defense for your case.

With our law firm on your side, you can take steps to get your life back on the path to the future you want.

Kentucky Law: DUI/DWI

A Kentucky DUI offense is identified by a police officer typically at the scene. If someone is driving under the influence through erratic driving patterns or exceeding the speed limit, an officer will administer an alcohol test, usually a breath or blood test.

Kentucky law dictates specific consequences for a DUI offense, depending on the number of prior offenses and the outcome of the breath or blood test, specifically the alcohol concentration in the blood.

Kentucky DUI First Offense conviction comes with


90 days of substance abuse treatment


6 month driver's license suspension

Kentucky DUI Second and subsequent offenses can come with


One year of substance abuse treatment


18-36 month driver's license suspension

A DUI in Kentucky can also be assigned additional consequences such as required community service or community labor, commercial driver’s license suspension, and jail time determined at the time of sentencing.

Our experienced DUI lawyer can help you navigate the Kentucky DUI laws to achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you are facing a DUI charge as a serious criminal offense or a misdemeanor DUI, our experienced Kentucky DUI lawyer is on your side with a plan of action.

Taliaferro Law Firm: Kentucky DUI Lawyer Strategy

Trust your DUI case to Taliaferro Law firm. Begin with a free consult so we can determine the possible consequences of your offense, such as a suspended license, community service, jail time, or more.

Our legal team can assist you in volunteering for specific programs and arguing for lesser sentencing, particularly in circumstances of a first-offense DUI conviction. These include:


Community labor program


Kentucky ignition interlock device program (KIIP)


Misdemeanor DUI

A Kentucky DUI charge can seem overwhelming and life-altering. Whether driving under the influence led you to exceed the speed limit, cause serious injury, or damage your motor vehicle, our law firm can assess the situation and offer the best path forward.

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